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My journey through Covid-19 Pandemic crisis

Writer: ABDULLAH MOHIBUDDIN Category: বাস্তব থেকে নেয়া (Anecdote) Edition: Dhaboman - Winter 2020

I had to travel to Dhaka, Bangladesh at the end of January 2020 to take care of personal business. I was scheduled to fly back to Canada on 27th March 2020. On 20th March, one Capt of Biman- Bangladesh Airlines told me to leave on an early flight scheduled on 21st March as all flights could be canceled and the Dhaka airport closed.


Bridging Between Canada And Bangladsh

Writer: ABDULLAH MOHIBUDDIN Category: প্রবন্ধ (Essay) Edition: Dhaboman - Eid 2017

After my retirement from BIMAN - Bangladesh Airlines as DC10 Flight Engineer (Cockpit crew), I took off from Bangladesh and landed in Canada with my family. Since then six years has passed and we have become naturalized Canadians. We found Canada to be a wonderful country where we can live and thrive peacefully. It is notable that Canada is a vast country with only 35.2 million population (in contrast Bangladesh has less than 1/60th of land area but more than 4 times the population).dfdfgsdgf


My Life in Canada

Writer: ABDULLAH MOHIBUDDIN Category: প্রবন্ধ (Essay) Edition: Dhaboman - First Edition

Just out of curiosity, I showed my palm to a Russian lady in Abu Dhabi. At that time, I was a Flight Crew (DC10 Flight Engineer) of BIMAN- Bangladesh Airlines and was really enjoying my work.
After reading my hand, to answer my questions related to retirement, she told me that I would live near a lake after my retirement and would possibly go through a serious medical procedure.