Agami: A Beacon of Hope

Writer: Nisar Ahmed Category: Specials Edition: Dhaboman - Winter 2017

Agami was registered as a non-profit entity in California, USA, in 2003 and subsequently got its US 501 (c)3 tax-exempt status. Agami's founding core values, still practiced today, can be described in a sentence as 'an action group supporting basic education for the underprivileged in a secular, non-political manner, with zero/minimum overhead.' Over the years, Agami has grown from a small 3-man operation into a full-fledged charity supported by 200+ volunteers around the world, along with paid staff at our Dhaka, Bangladesh office. We went from funding a small school in Comilla with $1500 to now supporting almost 15-20 schools each year, more than 12000 children, and an annual budget of more than a quarter million USD. Through it all, we have stayed true to our focus on education. We are approaching education as the underpinning for the development of Bangladesh, addressing healthcare and other needs of the children to create a holistic learning environment.




The soul of the Agami mission is underprivileged children. This is at the heart of everything we do. As such, we have schools situated in remote rural areas, all the way to the slums of Dhaka. While the task is huge, we are not one to shy away from a challenge. To borrow a saying from Mother Teresa: "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." We are not just throwing stones to create ripples, we are building the foundation that will rise above the waters.

For Agami, quality of education is of paramount importance. Monitoring and helping our schools and students succeed is the primary focus of our team in Dhaka. They regularly hold impactful and valuable teacher training sessions. As part of quality education, we have solidified an exclusive partnership with the famous Khan Academy. Agami is the sole reviewer and approver of Bangla translated content for the Bangla portal of the Khan Academy. We have localized more than 2000 videos, and have created a wealth of original content where gaps between Khan Academy and Bangladesh curriculum were identified. This domain mastery has led to multiple partnerships with other Bangladeshi NGOs and governmental organizations. 

To carry the torch forward, we need YOU to join hands with us. There are many initiatives percolating in the background, some huge. We will need many committed people to volunteer with these efforts. More importantly, we need financial support to help pay for the computers, desks, tiffin, teachers’ salaries, teacher training, uniforms, libraries, etc. etc.

We have to imagine a world without poverty through education. This is our chance to make that dream come true. To donate, please see:

To volunteer, please email to