An Adventurous Trip to Montreal

Writer: Obelia Chowdhury Category: Kids Edition: Dhaboman - Winter 2017


12:34 am: I was on my iPod. If my mother knew, she definitely wouldn’t be happy. I was just visiting my social media platforms, wondering whether I had the capability to go to Montreal, almost six hours drive, in a tiny 5-seat car with 5 people, in the freezing temperature outside. I frequently feel sick on car rides, and this one would be a congested 6-hour long one. I did not have a choice. We had to drop my grandma off and come back to Toronto in 24 hours. My mom would not go without me.

                 1:27 am: I was getting very tired. My body wanted rest. It wanted to sleep. But I could not let that happen. I had to sleep on my journey, or else I would be in for a ride full of nauseous episodes.

2:55 am: I gave in. I was too tired. I told myself I would wake up in 15 minutes, maybe 30, max an hour. Before I could make up my mind my eyes closed, my iPod still in my hand.

5:12 am: OBELIA!!!!”, my older sister shrieked.WAKE UP!! WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE”, she continued. She peeled my comforter - that I was tightly wrapped in - off of me. My teeth chattered and goosebumps immediately sprung on my skin. UGGGHHHH. This was not a good start.

6:42 am: “Hi, can I get one small French vanilla, one home style biscuit breakfast sandwich with only cheese and egg, no meat. That's all. Thanks.” I said to the grumpy lady that was taking my order at Tim Hortons.

7:31 am: My uncle was driving us to Montreal. His car didn't have winter tires so he was driving our family car. I am not going to lie, I am a bit of a wimp, well maybe a BIG wimp. I was so worried that something bad was going to happen that I lost my appetite. Didn't touch my food. The worst part was - I was sitting in the front seat. So, I was witnessing all the mistakes my uncle was making. I kept praying to God, hoping not to die in a road accident. I wanted to live long enough to see US President Donald Trump making at least one good decision. I may have to wait for eternity.

9:14 am: We stopped for a quick snacks and washroom break. I had a grilled vegetable wrap from Tim Hortons. So far, the journey was good, I did not feel sick even once. My grandmother, sister, mom, uncle, and I still had all four limbs attached to our bodies. No accidents, yet.

1:02 pm: We finally arrived in Montreal! I napped a little after the last stoppage and the next thing I knew, we were at our destination.

1:10 pm: The look on my aunts, uncles, and cousins were so warm and welcoming. It had been about 6 months since I last saw them. That’s when we came to pick up my grandmother. I was exhilarated to see my cute cousin who was 2 years younger than me. We caught up.

2:33 pm: We ate the delicious food that my aunt cooked. My sister insisted on my mom’s youngest brother to take us to the places we always visit when we are in Montreal. Four of us - my uncle, cute cousin, sister and I headed outside to see a few of many amazing things Montreal has to offer.

2:45 pm: First we went to The St. Joseph Cathedral. I am not Christian, however I enjoy being exposed to other religions and the practices that come with them. For the first time ever, I actually went inside the church. It is gigantic, it is the largest building of worship I have ever seen.

2:59 pm: 2 flights of stairs, 3 escalators, and some walking later, we reached the centre. It was magical, stunning, and monumental. It was at least 70 m in height! It was lit with Christmas lights and candles. It was so beautiful!

3:16 pm: We then got lost while looking for the exit. We walked into a magnificent room that was entirely lit with red, green, and yellow candles. The room was dazzling! It was connected to another room where a group of people were praying.

3:25 pm: After finding our way out we headed straight to Mont Royale. Mont Royale is one of the highest points in Montreal, and is an excellent way to take in the city day or night. As my uncle drove higher the windows started to become foggy. It was snowing more heavily now. When we reached to the top, we could see nothing. And I am not exaggerating. I have been there a hundred times and I know how beautiful the view is. However, looking out this time what I saw was – well - nothing! Just sheets of white snow covering us all around. We were all very disappointed and headed down. Next destination was the Plamondon Plaza. This plaza is a really big part of my childhood, I have been coming here since I was in my mother’s womb - literally.

3:57 pm: Once inside the plaza, I became little nostalgic. All the memories of when I was a little kid came back to me. This plaza is a part of me, and always will be. After we finished eating some famous Montreal poutine, we headed back to my aunt’s house. We had to leave soon.

4:16 pm: We had packed all our things and got into the car. I was so sad that I couldn’t stay longer, but the uncle who was driving us had to go to work the next morning. It was snowing very hard, and the car kept skidding on the local roads. Oh boy, if only I had known what the near future held for me…….

4:35 pm: We finally made it to the highway. So far, we didn’t see any accidents. Though about five minutes ago my uncle almost crashed into another car, thanks God he slammed the breaks before it was too late!

5:16 pm: “O’ My God!!!!”, my sister screeched. I immediately awoke and looked to my right window, in the direction my sister was pointing at. A car had just drove into the ditch next to the highway and kept on skidding. My heart skipped a beat. My stomach lurched. I felt sick. Oh no. Was this it, was this the last day I would live to see?

5:18 pm: BAMMMMMMMMCCCCHHHHHH! A car just crashed into another one behind us. The loud noise shocked my uncle who got distracted and drove into the snow on the shoulder. Our car made loud screeching noise. Several cars honked. Uncle struggles with the brake and gas pedal. He looked nervous. I was afraid we were about to get into an accident of our own. Somehow, uncle was able to control the car and brought it back on the road.

                 6:32 pm: After around 1 hour 18 minutes of darkness, honking, more crashes, and skidding, the snowfall became lighter and highway lights appeared. My stomach ache that was bothering me for hours now disappeared, and I started to watch Netflix.

7:58 pm: We took a food and washroom break, and headed back on the road. The closer we were to Toronto the better the driving conditions got. I couldn’t wait to get back home and relax.

11:36 pm: As soon as I saw the Ajax, Population: 119,700, 2 Interchanges sign, I felt I was already home.

11:40 pm: KENNEDY Road exit! We made it! My uncle was driving fast once the road condition improved. No wonder we made it so quickly.

11:53 pm: On the way to our house after exiting the freeway, another 5 -6 kilometers, my uncle drove considerably above the speed limit. I usually would object but not this time. I was just too eager to return home safely after the tense trip back and hug my father. I was thinking about him during the trouble on the freeway and wondered, considering how nervous he is, if he would have fainted seeing the accidents.

12:02 am: At last, we arrived home. I ran out of the car and went straight into my father’s warm arms, who had opened the door for us, gave him a long hug, then went to my room to write about my trip.

My favourite part of this trip was to see my relatives. I think this trip actually made me little braver, little less wimpy. I used to be so worried about getting into an accident. Now, not so much. One thing I have learned, when you have good things to look forward to, you can conquer any fear and weakness.