Kitchen - Sushi Roll

Writer: Farheen Shuja Category: Kids Edition: Dhaboman - Winter 2017

With a little preparation and skill, it is possible to make various types of Sushi roles at home. Today I’ll show how to make seaweed wrapped Sushi rolls. Instead of using raw fish today I’ll be using imitation crabmeat. If you are willing to use raw fish it is important to ensure that the fish is purchased from a good place and for safety freeze it at -20 C (-4 F) and keep it frozen for 7 days. This way most of the harmful parasites would die.  Please check safety guidelines.  

Ingredients:  The following recipe is for 5-6 roles.

2 cups of sushi rice   1 can of crab meat

3 cups of water                1 tbsp of mayonnaise

1 tsp of salt                About 8 crab meat sticks

¼ cup of vinegar   About half a cucumber

2 tbsps. of sugar                2 avocados

5-6 seaweed sheets   Opt. pineapple


Time taken: In total 2 hours (includes cooling time for rice)






How to: There are few stages to making Sushi rolls.

Prepare the rice

      Rinse the rice and cook it using a rice cooker with equal parts of rice and water. Once cooked, let it cool. Later, put the rice in a bowl. Make a solution using vinegar, salt and sugar separately. Adjust the parts to make the rice taste to your palate. We like it a little sweeter. Once the sugar is dissolved, let it cool and pour the solution in the bowl of rice. Mix well .

Prepare the Ingredients

Slice a cucumber thinly, keeping the same length as the seaweed. Cut some avocados. Keep crab meat sticks as whole or cut into smaller pieces. For the tinned crab meat, mix in mayonnaise.

Roll the Sushi

Now, lay down the Sushi mat. Spread 1/6 of your rice thinly over it. Lay down some of the ingredients (e g. cucumber, avocado and crab meat sticks) at the top (see image) and then gently start to roll. When you make your first roll, pull the bottom flap tightly to secure the roll. Then press the roll with your hands gently using the mat. Repeat until your roll is done.






















 Ginger  and Wasabi



Serve it


Serving Sushi is an art by itself. It is eaten with Ginger,

Wasabi and special vinegar. Some wasabi can be very

strong. We found out the tube ones much stronger than the

bottled one. Ginger can

also be made at home as

per your likeness. Just cut

some ginger thinly and

boil them in water with

salt, sugar.  

Hope you’ll enjoy making and eating Sushi. Remember, you must adhere to all the safety procedures as you would do with any other food. If you are using raw fish, be more careful. People can and do get sick. Better be safe than regret later. 


Courtesy: La Colorpop’s Kitchen (YouTube)