Anger Management

Writer: Editor Category: বাস্তব থেকে নেয়া (Anecdote) Edition: Dhaboman - Winter 2017

What do you do to calm down when you are angry?

Here are some of the responses that were received: 


Pray and ask for God’s forgiveness

Take deep breathes, retire to isolation for a little while

Watch movies, preferably of heroic nature. 

Talk to the kids 

Spray around flower fragrance or perfume

Party with close friends

Count downward from 100

Splash cold water on the face

Watch self on the mirror

Take deliberate effort to get into a romantic mood

Ablution or prepare for a Muslim prayer

Not to talk at all for some time

Drink coffee and listen to music

Relax, lie down

Chew on a hot chilly

Try to rationalize the situation to dissipate the tension

Try to be jocular



Curse in isolation

Punch on a punching bag

Bite own hand

Ignore source of anger


* Source: Writer-journalist Ekram Kabir’s facebook page