True Colors

Writer: Rochana Rashid Category: ছোট গল্প (Short Story) Edition: Dhaboman - Eid 2019


As I look from my balcony in the evening of a calm summer day, I spot fireflies blinking their lights as they dart from here to there. The tree branches are heavy with dark leaves. The wind is still. It asks me to contemplate and reflect. It calls me as I gaze. Out of the darkness, a romantic aura presents itself. Recent happenings and current circumstances regarding relationships don’t leave my mind. They wreak havoc within me. It is in stark contrast to the solitude and tranquility of nature.

In my mind’s eye, floats a masterpiece of a painting. It is painted with many colors of varying hues. Together they represent the characteristics of an admirable person. I think about the meaningfulness of this masterpiece, and why I have it stored in my mind’s eye. It is there because it represents my dreams and desires, composed into a portrait. As I look into his eyes, I see myself in every corner and crevice. I had found someone who is so much like me in so many ways. That’s why it’s retained as a memory; as an imprint.

Nature has a strategy of ‘survival of the fittest.’ But humans have much more than survival on their agenda. People will deceive and betray you. They may seem so convincing and believable, that one becomes attracted so intensely. Giving and taking is done mutually. So much gets shared, and such satisfaction is had. Time is invested. It is surreal, as it seems so good. How does one know the result unless he continues? There is no way to know so soon. It is to be experienced. Only through experience and the passing of time, does one learn the lessons of life.

I trusted my instincts, but I believed in the possibilities. “What if it’s a good experience?” I asked myself. I was truthful, optimistic, and genuine. What I got back was equal in intensity and drive; consistency and reliability…everything was matched. Interest was there, as we learned about our lives. Then we brought each other into our lives. It brightened our days, and created happiness in our hearts. It uplifted our souls.

The canvas, in my mind’s eye, got painted, stroke by stroke. It became nothing short of a masterpiece.

The moon and stars glow above me, as I continue to recollect on the balcony. The chill and darkness of the night start to overtake the surroundings. It prompts me to make sense of it all.

The relationship drew to a close, as it was a decision that had to be made. He redefined his criteria, and added restrictions. His thinking changed, and it all became wrong in his mind. His changes urged changes in me, and ultimately it all crumbled.

His true colors had shone. And the canvas in my mind is no longer relevant, as its colors take wing, and blend into the colors of the wind. I envision them to now be in the horizon during sunrise and sunset; they are part of the rainbow; and the hues of the soil shimmer in the colors, as the seasons change. The colors may fade and reassemble, but they are not gone. They are all around me, as reminders of what was, what is, and what could have been. Of course, nature resurrects itself, and the future holds many possibilities