La Jolla Cove

Writer: Shabbeedur Shuja Category: ভ্রমণ (Travel) Edition: Dhaboman - Winter 2020

Visiting La Jolla (Hoya) Cove in San Diego was without any doubt the best part of our trip to the Las Vegas - Los Angeles area. I had read some very good stuff about the place but never did I imagine how absolutely beautiful the place is, specially the seals, sea lions and the pelicans. Among them the sea lions were probably the cutest as visitors can go very close to them. 


Seals resting on the beach

Watching the seals from a platform extended into the ocean. 

Coves of La Jolla

The beautiful village of La Jolla with towering palm trees. 

Palm trees are permanently leaning away from the ocean due to the constant strong breeze that blows from the ocean

The cute sea lions sleeping on the rocks, some grouped as families with kids. 

Pelicans. There were several dozens in the area.