Translation of Nazrul

Writer: Rummana Choudhury Category: কবিতা (Poem) Edition: Dhaboman - Eid 2022

Forever a Child
চির শিশু

Nameless you are, a travelling child who has passed through unknown countries.
What name does your bangles have that you are wearing today, without bindings who is there.
Again according to my wishes
By which name should I call you!
You a a lost traveller in this house
You were there and you have come here
Again and again you lose your name.

O my dearest, O my beloved the Gem of this dark house!
The empty starving house has been filled with fresh butter by your little hands!
And today in the sole depths of happiness
The flood of tears well up in the heart
Beckoning me to call you by a new name
Who is that clamping my throat
Smoking up in my melancholy soul

Coming up from the horizon the traveller advances towards the expanded banks.



O my Queen. At the end, today I accept defeat from you.
My Victory banner comes and sweeps down to your feet.

My Immortal sword which has won the war
Brings weariness day by day, becomes heavy,
Now I want to give this weight to you,
This Garland of my defeat I adorn in your hair.

O my Goddess of Life
When did your tears well up after seeing me,
Now The world’s victorious huge shrine is shimmering!

Today This blood of the revolutionist is at the peak of the chariot
Winner! Your sapphire blue ANCHAL is flying in the wind,
All the quivering today is entwined with your garland,
Today the winner is floating in a sea of tears.


Nocturnal Pain
ব্যাথা নিশীথ

On this silent ebony night
Only- tears brim over.
Why- what word resounds in the memory?
In the breast- whose disregarded thoughts echo?
Where- does the wailing rise up in the deep crevices of the heart
Awakens- again and again, that fails
And- tears brim over.

My- pain of life’s failure
This- I cannot conceal in this night.
That is why- lying alone, secretly suffering
Only- ceaseless rainfall in my eyes.
Was- the same addiction on that day
In my heart- awakened endless thirst,
That- mixture of failed breath
That- drooping SHEFALI bunch
And- the pain of the gratuity of the East.


 In The Flower Vase Of Your Heart
তোমার বুকের ফুলদানিতে

I shall become a blossom in the flower vase of your heart,my dearest.
If need be , I shall dry up, stopping momentarily in that bosom.

I shall be the radiance of those eyes, a beauty birthmark on your cheek.
I shall caress you day and night, by becoming your necklace of precious stones.

I shall be the beauty of your form, the incense in the night of our union.
The dreams of your deep slumber, the water on your eyelids.

I shall be the queen on your love’s throne, O my king
The dust under your feet, O my life’s Lord...