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Writer: Shabbeedur Shuja Category: সম্পাদকীয় (Editorial) Edition: Dhaboman - Eid 2017

I can’t exactly remember how old I was, but it was that coveted celebration of Eid again, after the Ramadan, I was adorned in a traditional pajama and Panjabi and a round embroidered hat and followed my father and grandfather to the nearby Eidgah – an open field surrounded by dilapidated brick half wall. As we walked to the Eidgah on dart road we recited ‘Allahu Akbar’ again and again. Memory of that Eid, of all the eid in my considerably long life, still so fresh that it feels just yesterday. That was our last Eid celebration with my grand father. My father is no more. Time has caressed its way through our lives, the same way it has since the beginning.  

Many years fast forward, living in GTA, Eid seems to bring considerable amount of joy and enthusiasm in me, and my family – a father myself, regardless of the two factions who can’t unite to celebrate on the same day, or when it falls on a working day. We find our way through all that minor issues and celebrate, in whatever way we decide to.

Let’s have a very happy and enthusiastic Eid ul Fitr. Tomorrow is unknown but today we have this opportunity to create memories for tomorrow, beautiful, heart warming, simple memories that can bring tears in our eyes, submerged both in sorrow and joy.